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I'll begin by saying that this specific gun is currently my primary weapon. It's reliable, well built, great range and accuracy, and cheap for those who are on a budget. Ever wanted to try your hand at being a sniper? This is a great beginner gun.

The TSD/UK-ARMS M14 is a spring sniper rifle. The gun itself is made by ABS plastic, excluding the barrel, safety, gearbox, and cocking mechanism. Very durable: I've stepped on, dropped, scraped, hit, and beat up this gun and all it got was a few paint scratches. This thing does not want to break, and as far as I can tell it will last you longer than any other plastic gun for $35. If you ask me the price should actually be raised to more like $60-$75.

Accuracy is great! Slightly curves to the upper left, but aside from that, with no wind, this thing shoots dead accurate: personal experience, shot my friend literally right between the eyes with it. The hop-up is located right in front of the magazine release: it's a block nob that you turn to the left or right. After messing with the hop-up a bit you'll have this thing shooting dead accurate.

Iron sights are probably your best bet. The gun comes with a detachable rail for scopes, flashlights, bipods, ect. Due to the way the cocking mechanism was built, however, a small scope will do absolutely nothing for this gun: the eye relief is just too small to bear. You'd be better off using iron sights, which is what I personally use. The gun has a built in rail on the bottom of the barrel for any bipods or flashlights: the bottom rail is metal, the detachable rail is plastic but durable.

Comes with one magazine that holds 30+ bb's. I've noticed that if you fill it up too much however the magazine begins to split a bit. It hasn't been a problem yet, but I'd recommend buying an extra mag in case of any "accidents."

All in all, a great buy. Good accuracy, decent power, great range, iron sights are amazing, and is durable and reliable. Better used for a DMR, but remember it's a spring, so you won't get the wanted desire of going on full auto. Still for a $35 gun, it's a steal. Only CON I can see is it's a bit hard to cock. I've found an easy way of fixing this problem: put your thumb behind the back iron sight, and use your other four fingers to cock the lever, that simple. If you have any other questions, just send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer anything.



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