• Figured it was about time I filled this out. I'm 19 years of age, and i've been airsofting for a little under 5 years, owned close to 50 AEG's, 5 GBBR's, and about 10 pistols. My first gun was a TM G36C, and i credit this rifle for keeping me in the sport. I always like meeting new people ans airsofting in groups, so I've developed quite an extensive lot of airsofting buddies over the years. I also love skateboarding, snowboarding, and video games.

    I do all my own tech work, and over time, my experience and knowledge of airsoft has expanded greatly. I've worked on V2's, V3's, V6's and V7's, and can repair anything that can possibly happen in these gearboxes. If you have any questions regarding any technical advice, or even requesting for me to do work or repairs for you, feel free to ask.

    Here's a complete list of my Armory:
    WE MK16 - Bulletproof internals, Tango Down grip, and Aimpoint
    JG AK CPW - Unknown internals. Shoots 425 FPS, so I'll have to take a look!
    FP Famas - Reshimmed and has a few mods. Converted to deans. Shoots 310 FPS.
    CA AUG - DMR Lipo Ready Shell
    KWA KP45 Tactical - Completely stock. 390 FPS
    TM Hi Capa - Madbull Python Tightbore barrel, Classic Army Silencer, M120-ish recoil spring.

    G36 DMR - Project is complete. Now completely wired to deans, shimmed perfectly, this DMR performs beautifully. With the 11.1V Lipo, the ROF is mindblowing. Trigger response is instant, The rifle cycles so fast, that when the trigger is pulled on semi, I get 2 round bursts. I don't have a dual sector gear! In full auto, it's a devastating 40+ RPS. As of yet I have not chronoed it, but i will be doing so soon, testing both FPS and ROF.

    This is the complete list of upgrades I've put into the G36 DMR

    -SHS Cylinder - $10
    -SHS Double O Ring Cylinder Head - $9
    -SHS Steel Teeth Piston - $10
    -SHS Selector Plate - $5
    -SHS V3 Spring Set - Free
    -SHS High Torque Motor - Free
    -KM Head 6.04 510mm TBB - $20
    -Super Shooter Ball Bearing Spring Guide - $10
    -Matrix Shock Absorbing Mushroom Piston Head - $16
    -Matrix 7mm Ball Bearings - $12
    -Guarder Nozzle - $5
    -CA Gears - $5
    -Battleaxe Magwell Conversion - Free
    -Magpul PTS 20 Round Pmags x3 - $60
    -Tenergy 11.1V 1200mAh Lipo - $25
    -Random M130 Spring - Free
    -Gemtech Halo Suppressor - Free

    Project Grand Total: $187

    Just goes to show what you can do if you're smart with you money. Here's a picture of it! I'll post a better picture during the daytime soon.



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