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My name is Tune (real name, not a callsign, fyi) and I'm a SoCal airsofter. Code Red is the field I regularly play at. Started airsofting last year and became hooked to the sport.I play at least once a month. Member of the Southern California Strikeball Federation (formerly Southern California Russian Airsoft Unit [SCRAU]) and Rushing Russians (Rushing Russian Spetsgruppa Alfa branch).

I have a thing for Cold War history and enjoy learning the military history of former Eastern nations such as Russia, Eastern Germany, Vietnam, China. Realistic impressions from eras such as Chechen Wars, Soviet-Afghan War, Vietnam War, and even modern days catch my interest.

I usually run in my FSB TsSn/SOBR/OMSN/MVD gear.

At home I'm usually a graphic designer, web designer, video editor, programmer, game designer, and usually run my own servers providing services. I'm your average guy living his life.



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