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This has been my project gun for about a full year, and it was my first serious AEG I owned. It started as just something to help me keep pace with my friends who had higher-end guns than I did. Though over time it has shown wear...screws started to strip and fall out around July of 2012. However it is still a well-functioning gun, with a nice ROF on a 9.6v and a pretty sweet camo job. I use a 3000 round drum magazine with it because my goal for the rifle was to bridge a gap between a DMR and a SAW. Internally I put new bushings, new wiring (as well as wired it to the outside rear), mushroom piston head, sorbo pad, new bucking, and greased it. Externally I have routed the battery to the rear and outside to a battery pouch, which has the potential to hold a 9.6v large or bigger (small type connections). But I've lost interest in it and I'm looking for a new project, such as the JG MC 51.
Its for sale now and I will take any reasonable offers. Included is a8.4v 1150mAhstick battery, the original bipod that came with the gun, OD green cheekrest, 3000 round electric drum magazine, 300 round Type 89 magazine, camo'd suppressor, original box and manual, and a nice Tasco red dot sight. This could make an excellent parts gun for someone needing spare parts for their own Type 89.
Pistol grip was broken off at one point but is still held on my screws holding it the lower reciever.
Multiple stripped screws.
Minor gearbox wear.
Fractured hop-up held together with epoxy.



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