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Name's Nathan, but on the field I like to go by Werewolf. I wouldn't say I'm "new" to airsoft, but I don't have a ton of gear. The exception is that I have five guns :p At any rate, at my regular field I usually wear ACU military issue BDU pants, got them from the army surplus store. A OD green tee shirt that I chopped the sleeves off of, and a digital woodland bandanna to cover my mop of hair. Save Phace goggles, one point bungee sling, tan work boots, and a belt. On the subject of gear, I usually use my improved Lancer Tactical M4 (the $97 one) and a (not sure what brand, I bought it off some guy at the field) M1911. Sometimes a small spotting scope (more useful than you think), a multitool, and two midcaps duct taped together. Since I accidentally broke the rear sight off my M4, I've been using a Double Eagles stock less pump shotgun (super fun). Replaced the spare pistol mag on my hip holster with a speed loader and I have tons of fun. I'm hoping to start or join a team, I live in the USA, in NC. (Raleigh/Knightdale area). Although if I start a team, I need to figure out a name (been plaguing me for months). Future plans: (NOT IN ORDER) Condor MOPC with some pouches More midcaps Fix my baby (or replace it with a full metal G&G :3) Helmet (probably a MICH 2002, for combat rolls and my goggles) Actual combat boots (my work boots are nice but I'd love something taller) Sell the four starter guns I own Get a field gun, a P90/MP7, and a tri-shot shotgun Get more 1911 mags (I only have one working one) Get a red-green dot sight, and some spare iron sights Thigh holster for my sidearm (maybe, I mostly just need a good holster) Thigh rig for a super light loadout (gets priority for monetary reasons) And I think that's me. My apologies if this is not the correct forum or format, I'm new to the app/site (using the mobile version now). At any rate, peace. -Aim to please, Shoot to thrill-


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