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Showcase cover image for UHC COLT PYTHON Spring Revolver

General Information

You can reload it faster by leaving the shells in the cylinder and puting in the bbs one by one. It is a great secondary, though there has been some jams in the thing, sometimes when I pull the trigger the hammer doesn\'t go back. You can fix that by lubing the internals. The internals are plastic so don\'t expect it to last very long. Overall great gun, works well in springer wars and works well as a last resort secondary weapon. I once ran out of ammo in a cqb fight and pulled out my revolver, and I shot someone right in the face from about 20 feet. It has the same looks as the colt python. Although, this gun has a reputation of breaking or jamming easily. To shoot it, insert the bbs in the o-rings of the shells, then insert the shells into the cylinder. Compared to other springers, the revolver has a unique function. Instead of racking the slide, you pull back the hammer and then pull the trigger. It\'s MUCH faster. You can order it in different barrel lengths (2, 4, 6, and 8 inches!). Also you can order it in either black or silver. I personally have the 6 inch silver revolver. You can see me holding it in the pictures. It is personally one of my favorite airsoft guns I\'ve owned due to uniqueness and fast fire rate for a springer. RATING: *** (3 stars)



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