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General Information

The USP is a great gun, i own the UHC version with the compensator on the front, and this is my take on it:
The USP is accesable for a bout $40-$50, which is a decent price, inside the box you will get, the USP, a barrel plug, 15 round Gas Magazine, compensator, Target, and most importantly a peice of paper- this must be filled out completely and sent to the manufacturer to start the warrenty for the gun.
The barrel plug it average-just what is expected-no more and no less, it is orange just like the orange tip and it must be taken out to avoid damaging the gun when firing,.
The Magazine is decent, 15 rounds goes quick it is also a pain to try and load with a speed loader, it has god gas capacity and mine shot about 110 rounds on one fill of gas stock, it fits nicely in the gun-no wobble-but the bottom of the mag itself is wobbley, not surprising since the whole mag is plastic.
the compensator is nice, makes the gun well weighted, BUT DO NOT TAKE IT OFF i did and after firing two roundsthe bucking got destroyed and the barrel fell out. do not make my mistake, luckily it was under warrenty. the compensator holds the barrel in place-do not take it off.
The box it comes in converts into a standing target-decent.
the gun itself is mostly plastic, the only visible metal it the trigger (pot metal) and everything else is plastic, however a good amount of internals are metal which is what counts, the safety can only be activated when the gun is cocked, it is a firm safety as well, the trigger pull is nice and comfortable-not to skweaky-and for every trigger pul the safety moves with it so it is double action which is a great feature, it shoots 250-300 FPS and not that accurately especially beyond 5 meters.
for the price it is decent, but frankly i would recomend the MK23 from Y&P it is the same price, very similar in design, larger holds 27+1 rounds, and comes with a barrel extension, the USP is good but it should be your second choice if you want a pistol designed like the MK23.



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