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My name is Ty, I'm 25 and have been into airsoft for about 6 months. I really enjoy working on my rifles or anything really in general. I race RC and work in the industry for an electronics manufacturer so racing and RC is pretty much my life. I snowmobile, dirtbike, drive a 2006 WRX (Stage 2 with some other mods) and have a decent collection of real steel.
Airsoft interests me for the rifles, the tech work and the actual combat scenarios. I'm a huge fan of the G36, I have 4 right now and two M4s.I'm still working on my load out for this year, not going for anything full Milsim, just the gear I need to play. Building a couple rifles and having fun, I have learned a lot about the hobby from many members on this forum. I know, I know, the UCP isn't the best for woodland, but the team I play on is all UCP and the other half wear Flecktarn. Might not blend in, but we use it to distinguish teams. I have a full woodland BDU and OD Green vest for other OPs!



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