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General Information

The UTG M324 Magnum Gen 3, I believe it also goes by another name, yeah the M50, You can buy it at Evike, ShortyUSA (got mine from here), Airsplat, and even Hobbytron.

-First Impressions
When i opened up the box, it looked exactly like it did online, it was very very, being my 2nd airsoft gun, and my first sniper, I didn't know what to expect. The Barrel Assembly is a tough black metal, with an RIS attached to it. The scope I ordered with it was made out of the same metal the barrel was, and the body was a strong durable plastic, Assembly was easy, just insert one onto the other at tighten 3 screws with an Alan Key it came with.

With its bipod and scope on, this gun looks very intimidating, a classic bolt action sniper that you can see many places, first person shooters and movies, its a classic sniper that can be seen anywhere. Its very long and the buttstock is solid, which comes with 3 attachable buttstock extenders.

This thing is heavy! At least that's what i thought compared to my MP5SD6. I'm not sure of the exact weight but I'd definitely say 7+ pounds. It hurts to wear on your back with the sling it can with, between the pointy scope, and the unbearable weight it puts on your shoulder, i dont think this could work in an airsoft battle without being your main weapon.

This thing works amazing! Cocking it is fun for the first few times, adjusting the scope though, is a different story, its hard, especially on a windy day. Shooting the gun, it's quite, probably quieter than opening up a soda can. Accuracy is amazing, so curving with .2's for the first 15 feet, but after that you start to see it go up, i would recommend .25's or .30's, I'm not sure. This thing is slick, I'd hate to be running in an airsoft field and see someone with this in a bush pointed at me.

Ordering this from ShortyUSA, it comes with a free bipod, full metal, and I chose to get a 4x32 scope with it. The scope is nice, adjusting it is a bit hard though, the bipod works fine, no movement at all.

Definitely modifiable, it comes with a built in RIS on the barrel, so a scope, laser, red dot sight, anything could fit here. There's also an RIS in the front of the stock, where you can fit a bipod, laser, flashlight, or grip here.

Overall this is a great gun, heavy, powerful, smooth, and has that "fear factor" in it, everything I love in sniper is here. Assembly is easy, shooting is fun, and hitting a target is satisfying. I'd give it a 9/10, the only thing i dont like is that sometimes, the magazine needs to be slammed into the sniper so that it will feed correctly, but that's just cause I'm not used to slamming magazines.

I would easily recommend this gun to anyone looking for an all around good sniper rifle. Its cheap, comes with a bipod, and looks and feels amazing when holding it. Good job UTG!



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