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About the Team:
I am one of three founders of Nemesis Enforcement Airsoft in Warsaw NY, a small town between Buffalo and Rochester NY. Our team is in the Club Registry if you want/need more info. Also check out the players created by Frostytheginger, and mrobins230, the other two founders of the Team. Any questions, comments, complaints, concerns, contact me at [email protected], or send a message to ThatSobusKid.

About Vandal: My real name is Kenny Sobus, but once the gear goes on, I am usually referred to Vandal. I have been using a JG MK5A5, but soon I will be selling it for an ECHO 1 MTC 1. If you or anyone you know is interested, let me know because I'm planning on putting it on Craigslist soon. Well, I suppose that's it, any questions, refer to the contact info above and I will be happy to help. See ya!



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