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Photos are from American MilSim's OP Broken Home. The one of myself throwing smoke was selected for the official DVD cover :D . I've been using this loadout for over a year with only minor adjustments here and there.

My Primary Weapon is my ICS CQB M4 Carbine, aka Project DEMONHAMMER - designed from the ground up to be lightweight, long-range, and high RoF. Secondary is a KWA ATP for "Field" missions, or a CYMA G18c AEP for CQB scenarios.

I can carry over 20 rifle mags in dedicated pouches with this loadout, but I usually stick with about 10. Hydro, mags, sidearm, comms, and field gear are all self-contained on the belt, making it a crossover 1st/2nd Line rig. My true 2nd line is an HSGI Wasatch, which is for extra mags/ammo/ordnance.

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