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Showcase cover image for Verdun

General Information

Radio callsign: Loveless

Kit list:


SRVV Triariy BDU Surpat size 46/4
Nike mittens Black size M
Generic Quechua hiking boots size 42 russian
Marc O\'Polo belt

Main gear

SRVV Aspis Simplex platecarrier Surpat
SAPI front and back plates*
4x SRVV Double M4 magazine pouches Surpat
SRVV Large dump pouch Surpat
SRVV Large utility pouch Surpat
SRVV Grenade pouch w/ fastex buckle Surpat
SRVV Adjustable radio pouch Surpat
SRVV Admin pouch Surpat
SRVV Large cargo pouch Surpat


SRVV cotton balaclava OD
Ops-Core FAST helmet BJ type Black*
SRVV MICH 2000 cover Surpat
Revision Wolfspider Black w/ Vermillion lens
Peltor Comtac II OD*
Iron mesh face mask FG

Primary weapon

G&P M16VN (just because I can) w/ 4000 mah Li-Po battery and generic 3-point sling

Secondary weapon

King Arms M4 Pistol (just because I can) w/ AN-PEQ Li-Po battery and generic 1-point sling


7x G&P M16 20-round mid-caps (90)
1x G&P M4 30-round mid-cap (120)
2x King Arms M4 30-round mid-caps (120)
1x King Arms CAA hi-cap (300)


Misc. gear

Baofeng UV-5R w/ 40cm antenna
SONY Xperia Z
Diademine double pocket mirror
Foxhound velcro patch FC
Militaires Sans Frontieres velcro patch OD
Moscow Airsoft Team Z artillery support detachment insignia velcro patch

* stands for replica

Moscow Airsoft Team Z artillery support detachment
Spawning live shells in your face @ 650ft range since 2014



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