• Gearbox, and other Components:
    -RetroArms Gen2 QSC gearbox shell
    -XWarrior Total-Seal O-Ring Air Nozzle
    -Magic Box double O-Ring Cylinder Head
    -FireStorm carbon fiber cylinder
    -Lonex POM piston head
    -G.A.W. FRUS piston head O-Ring
    -Retro Arms Piston
    -AimTop red Tappet Plate.
    -Corrected AOE with 70d Sorbo Pad + Neo pad.
    -MadBull M120 spring
    -VFC Ball-Bearing steel Spring Guide
    -SPEED Tunable Blade Trigger, tuned for hair trigger
    -Siegetek 10.44:1 SSG Gearset
    -Lonex ARL
    -Modify Ceramic 8mm Bearings
    -ACM safety lever
    -RetroArms Processor Unit
    -Wired to 14awg and Deans
    -ASG 28TPA Motor.

    Barrel & HopUp Assembly:
    -Prometheus NEO hopup chamber, arm shimmed.
    -R-Hopped PDI 6.05 inner barrel
    -Flathop modded MadBull Red bucking + custom M-Nub for R-Hop.


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