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General Information

Alright, so after a ver long period of time, I have left my Polarstars alone and have taken up AEG's once more. My primary rifle at this current time is my newly acquired VFC HK 416 CQB. Let me tell you, this gun is better than I could have imagined. To start it off, VFC makes some of the best AEG's on the market. THe 416 is the most solid gun I have ever owned. Not to mention it is the best performing out-of-the-box gun in my armory. But since I have to compete with a lot of Polar Star fanatics in my area, I decided that the stock internals weren't enough. Here is a list of the parts on the inside of the gun:

- VFC 416 gearbox
- ICS Turbo 3000 Motor
- Matrix (SHS) 13:1 Gears (Shimmed)
- ASG Upgraded Anti-Reversal Latch
- Aim Top Polycarbonate Full Metal Teeth Piston
- VFC Piston Head
- Guarder Cylinder Head
- Matrix Red Air Nozzle
- Matrix m100 Spring
- VFC 416 Hop-Up Chamber
- Systema Hop-Up Bucking
- Angel Custom H-Hop Nub
- Madbull 6.03mm 300mm Inner Barrel

The gun is shooting right at 385fps w/ .2g bb's. And with a 9.6v NiMH battery, it is reaching a rate of fire right at a consistent 25 bb's a second! Perfect to keep up with the rate of fire the Polar Stars dish out. Not to mention, with the hop up bucking and nub combination I have selected, the 416 can EASILY reach targets at 200 ft and even 250 feet when conditions are perfect (no wind/precipitation, no foliage). And for you non-believers, this is a confirmed range at a shooting course my team and I used to check the performance of our guns.
Along with great performance comes the need for great looks. Here are the extras I added to the externals of the gun:

- EOTech 552 replica sight
- Magpul MOE Grip
- Magpul RVG
- Ladder Rail Covers (no brand from eBay)
- Surefire Tactical Light w/ Pressure Switch (forgot which model it is)
- Contour Camera Rail Mount
- 2" Barrel Extension
- Magpul Blackout 51T Flash Hider (14mm-)

The replica sight is great with no ghosting and a very bright reticle. The light will bring the light of day into any dark corner so nothing can hide. The barrel extension is perfect so I can cover up the excess inner barrel and still have an intimidating look with the Blackout flash hider. The rail covers give the rails a nice, smooth finish along with an awesome two-tone look.
This gun is my baby no doubt. I have put a lot of time and money into her. Rough estimate that it costs is about $800-850 with everything (not including the cost of the Surefire).

Hope you guys enjoy!



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