• Internals:

    -Chaoli 22 TPA Neo motor
    -SHS 18:1 gears
    -Random M110
    -VFC Ball-Bearing spring guide
    -JG Purple nylon piston
    -VFC aluminum piston head
    -JG nylon cylinder head
    -VFC POM o-ring air nozzle
    -Mish-Mash of trigger contact parts
    -DBoys(?) tappet plate
    -VFC cylinder
    -VFC 8mm bushings
    -VFC V2. gearbox

    Hop Up/Accuracy parts:

    -Pro-Arms CNC aluminum hop up unit, with Lonex arm
    -Lonex 70d bucking
    -R hop
    -VFC Steel 247mm barrel. Seems to be around 6.03-6.05 ID (estimated)


    -Fried MOSFET, soon to be replaced

    DiY mods:

    -Radiused gearbox
    -Air seal mods
    -The other normal stuff


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