• Hi everyone, here is my review of the vfc sr15 e3 iws. Ordering: I bought this gun from airsoftgi for $425. However I used a 20% of coupon code and this brought down the price by $90. I also ordered an intellect 9.6v which cost around $25. Shipping was quick, and the packaged arrived in excellent condition. In the box: 1. 300rd high cap 2. Vfc manual 3. KAC metal flash hider (plastic orange flash hider is installed on barrel) 4. Vfc sr15 (A cool thing about the packaging is that vfc wraps the gun in a big plastic bag within the box to help protect it from damage that could be caused during shipping) First impressions: when I took this gun out of the box, the first thing that I noticed was the build quality. VFC is notorious for their top notch externals, and this rifle is no exception. The licensed KA trademarks are deeply engraved into the receiver, and just overall, the rails and body of the gun are perfect. (My friend who has a marui recoil shock 416 even said that the vfc looks and feels better). A benefit of the SR15 is that it is an ambidextrous gun, and those functions are replicated in the replica as well. The vfc has ambidextrous mag releases and bolt catches. They all work well except for the right fire selector as there is a bit of wobble. Another thing that wobbled (quite badly) was the stock and buffer tube. To fix this, I removed the stock and tightened the screw at the bottom of the buffer tube. That corrected most of the problem. However, the stock is still quite wobbly, so ill fix that with some electrical tape later on. Shooting: After charging the 9.6v battery, I went outside to test out the sr 15. The rate of fire is average at around 16-17 RPS. Honestly, I was expecting more in the ROF department because I have heard of standard vfc m16s getting 20 RPS on a 9.6 at 450 fps. In addition to the average ROF, the pistol grip, although slimmer than standard AR pistol grips heated up quite substantially after shooting around 200 rounds. In the accuracy department, it achieves good groupings. Around 3" at 80 feet. (Using .25 bbs). On a side note, FPS is around 380. Modifications: I got a promy tight bore barrel that boosted accuracy significantly. It shaved about an inch and a half my groupings. In addition, I also got an Airsoft Extreme high torque motor, which bumped my ROF to 23 with a 9.6v. The new motor also completely eliminated the heat issues that I talked about earlier. Battery efficiency was also increased. Conclusion: Would I recommend this gun to you? Well, if you can afford it, GET IT!!! it is definitely one of the best airsoft ARs on the market today. Although the ROF is a little low, a new motor will solve this problem with ease. Accuracy is good, ROF will rip with a new motor, and the externals are simply just stunning. By the way, this is my first ever airsoft review! :p


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