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General Information

Gearbox and other components:
-VFC XCR split gearbox shell, radiused.
-VFC 8mm steel bushings.
-SHS 12:1 gears w/ VFC bevel.
-AimTop POM tapper plate.
-VFC tappet delayer, trimmed.
-VFC O-ring Nozzle.
-Lonex V2 cylinder head.
-Prometheus Type-B cylinder.
-Super Shooter POM piston head.
-RetroArms 4T piston.
-Prometheus M120 spring.
-ROA X32 adjustable spring guide.
-Apex Garter MOSFET.
-16awg wiring.

-27 TPA helical Lonex armature.
-Systema neodymium magnets.
-Black ACM bearing can.
-White ACM bearing endbell.
-Lonex brushes.

Barrel & hopup assembly:
-Stock XCR hopup unit.
-MadBull red bucking, flathopped (mound shaved).
-Prometheus bridge-type flathop nub.
-EdGI 330mmL 6.01mmID inner barrel.

-AimPoint Micro T-1 replica.
-MadBull FAST Stock.
-Element/TMC PEQ-15 battery box.
-20/40c 11.1v 1500mah PEQ battery.
-BCM gunfighter foregrip replica.
-Haley Strategic HSP Thorntail light mount.
-NiteCore P12 950+ lumen flashlight.
-1.5\" (IBS) inner barrel stabilizer, barrel extension.
-Element \"SCAR Type\" QD suppressor & flash hider.



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