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General Information

This is the VSR-X.

Project summary:
Eliminate the major flaws of the VSR platform in an attempt to convert as many variables as possible into fixed \'values\'.

The VSR-10 is notorious for having flex and wobble in the stock and in the receiver/barrel. There are a number of solutions to this, I chose the most \'overkill\' version: Make the outer barrel and receiver all one piece. No thread slop, no torsional flexing, the bore and scope never change position or angle in relation to the other. An added benefit is that headspacing will also be a constant. No more adjusting the outer barrel in or out a turn to get it to mesh properly. Similarly, I get to \'lock\' my bolt in since I have a properly sized channel I can put a shallow taper on to have the handle lock into battery.

Materials: 4130 chromoly steel, milled, through-hardened, oil quench then polished and blued.

Delrin/Acetal full length cylinder sleeve to protect against dirt and prevent metal-on-metal contact wherever it can be avoided.
Inner barrel is VascoMax c300 6.03x285mm
Yes, I have gotten a confirmed kill with this at 158 meters (518ft). I had a good elevation advantage.
The cylinder/internals are EdGI custom parts, made specifically for this build. They are not off-the-shelf parts that he offers.
The trigger is one of the long-defunct Noobie\'s M-triggers.



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