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I got into airsoft in mid-2014 and finally bought my own stuff in early 2015. No more borrowing.

Served in the Marines, got out in 2011, and been shooting rifle marksmanship since. It\'s obviously very expensive, though, and airsoft is super-fun AND affordable. So now I do it as much as I can :)

My service cammies/boots/etc still get used for airsoft, but I don\'t wear rank or anything. Just a flag, my nametape, and some morale patches.

Condor MOPC (soon upgrade to MARCIRAS) with:
- Homemade dummy plate inserts
- Flap-top rifle magazine pouches
- GP pouch

Rigger Belt with:
- BlackHawk SERPA thigh holster (Glock 23)
- ESEE-6 knife



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