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Baiscaly I have airsofted for about four years now, started with some crossman guns (still have one of them and it still shoots, sort of). I found thati loved the sport and bought a JG m4 s-sytem it still shoots flawlessly after 3.5 years of abuse. a year later and I decided to buy a secondary which was a UMAREX UMP .45 after 5 months it developed a severe trigger delay, broke it down at a freinds house, springs shot out and its still in peices... would not have bought if I was given a second chance. bother recievers however are in perfect condition and so is the majority of the gearbox. I then decided to upgrade weapons so I bought a used echo1 g36, it came with a K handgaurd and outer barrel but the inner barrel was actualy a C barrel. a few months later when I plugged my battery in it shot full auto in safe semi and full with out trigger pull, im in the proccess of getting it repaired by a tech nearby. a few months ago i bought an A&K masada from asgi for 220 (60 less than everywhere alse at the time) I love and would like to put a tune-up kit in her but the 7mm bushings is what's stopping me. I know a lot about firearms. but less about AEG's. and thats about it.



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