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UPDATED 3-29-16 Repainted, Added basic air seal mods, Took new pictures...

Updates: I don\'t have any complaints thus far about this G17 replica. I have used it for a few months and have loved everything about it considering I payed only $60 for it.

I have left it pretty much stock as of right now, however I have gone though and added some basic air seal mods to it like I have to other airsoft replicas that I have owned. With cleaning the Hop-up, barrel, and re-aligning the bucking, I am getting an accurate range of 60 + feet with it. It also got scratched up pretty bad about a month ago, so I have repainted it and bead blasted the outer barrel and recoil spring guide to give it an interesting look. I left an old picture of how it looked like before being painted and a picture of how the outside of the Hop-up looks as of right now with the air seal mods added...

End of Updates...

Oct. 2015\'s original post:

I got this WE G17 from the latest $60 Evike Open Box Item, GBB Edition... Everything looks perfectly fine with it when I got it, In fact, it even had all of the stickers on it like it was new...

Apparently it was used since it was an open box item, however, I noticed very little wear on it besides a few scratches on the orange tip. I am enjoying the fact that each magazine will hold 25 BB\'s when compared to my single stack WE 1911. I am getting an effective range of up to 50 Feet with most of my shots being on target.

Not much more to say about it as of right now, but for $60, I\'m happy with it.



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