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Showcase cover image for WE P226

General Information

Length: about 20 cm
Weight (w/ mag): about 900 gr

The Sig Sauer is, undoubtedly, one of the most famous and sought after pistols. In my case, as in that of many others,
I just wanted the pistol that the Navy SEALs use. And thankfully, the chose a beatifyl side arm, cause this is my
favourite pistol of all times, only rivaled by the 1911.
I have had 3 different P226 makes: the Marui (great gun, but plastic), the KSC (great blowback, the rest... meh) and
the KJWorks (metal, but horrible finish and stupid laser etched markings).

After I had to sell all 3 of them due to unsolvable internal problems (and I had spent a lot on them) I was more than excited
to find out that WE is making a version of this Sig (it turns out, they are also making a P228, hmm... wood grips).

So here are my imppresions on this gun.


You never know with WE: sometimes you get a really flashy satinated box with lot's of cool graphics and sometimes you get a
plain brown box. This one comes in a nice black satinated box with a picture of the P226, the SEALs' logo and reference to
"WE Tactical S Series" (maybe they are making more Sigs than just the 226 and 228 ?).

Included is the gun and one mag, protected by thick styro. No cheap BBs, no cleaning rod.


This is where this gun really begins to shine: full metal, as is We's tradition, but instead of the shiny black paint that is
common in the airsoft world (except if you get a 150$ aftermarket kit), this gun has an excellent dark grey "almost black" finish on it.
The finish is matte and grainy, so that it really looks like the finish on many real guns, except that the real P226 is "blacker", I believe.

What stands out a lot, too, is how well it is put together, almost no slide movement, We is really getting their parts tolerances together.

The feel is amazing and the pistol is heavy as ****, but that may be due to me buying only half plastic guns lately, like the Glocks, the XDM
or the PX4.
Despite the weight, the P226 is the most handable pistol for me personally, because of the combo of weight, length and grip angle: it's like
it was designed specifically for my hands and the way I like to hold pistols, especially in CQB. So well balanced, but I guess that depends on
every individual.

The grips are not as nice as on the Marui, IMO, but they are OK. I remember them to be more "rubbery". Still feel very comfortable. Stupid markings.
There's a small texturized area on the front of the frame, where your fingers go, and on the trigger guard, nice touch, small and smooth.

Slide has serrations only on the back, but cocking is no problem, grip is good.

Trigger has a single and double-action mode, thanks to the decocker, a rare feature. Go to the video to see how it works.

All controls are big and very easy to access. From lefto right: slide disassembly lever, decocker, slide catch/release and, at the bottom, mag release,

which is very short, to prevent accidental mag loss. The slide disassembly lever is kinda hard, maybe Im spoiled by the Glock's ease of disassembly.

The chamber has the only markings, apart from the grips, and the top is polished, dont know why.

The outer barrel is satin black and has a small scratch on the side, no biggie. It has an internal thread that will allow you to put a silencer adapter
on it, but be carefull that it clears the recoil spring rod.

The sights are one of my favourite parts: 3-dot sights (I call them combat sights) are not very good for precision shooting, but ecellent for quick target acquisition, they are super easy to aim and recover (because they are so open) and look great.

There's a 20 mm rail with 3 positions on the front of the gun, this allows you to put lasers, flashlight's or whatever on the gun. Looks cool even when empty.

Id give the externals a 10 out of 10, but the lack of markings bugs me, so just a 9.5. A fully marked version is coming soon, Im told.


I have a bad history with P226's breaking on me and me not being able to put them back together, So Im only going to field strip it.


Better watch the video if you wanna see the trigger action, no-safety and decocker function.


As you saw in the last picture, the WE P226 has (of course) an adjustable hop up. It's easy to adjust and stays in place. To get the best performance out of it,
thoroughly clean the inner barrel, but dont touch the hop up rubber; be careful not to soak it with silicon oil.

Magazine holds 25 and, as is customary today, takes green gas. Average FPS (20 gr BBs, no hop up and Big Dragon chrono: FPS). The only issue is that the spring is
too strong, loading the BBs is kinda hard. Hope it weakens a bit with time.

Range is OK, a bit inferior to my Glock 18C, which is now shooting 50 meters easily. Man sized target at 20 meters is no challenge to the P226. This was the result
of 5 aimed shots at 11 meters.

As all WEs, the blowback is strong, heavy and loud. I guess you must try the gun yourself to get the amazing experience.

So, as you can see, Im really glad I gave the P226 another chance. This is a fantastic pistol, but maybe it's just the Sig fanboy in me speaking. Seriously: it
perfroms great, the externals are awesome, feel, weight and texture are great, balance is just perfect... if you like the P226, get it. If you like a pistol that
performs, looks and feels great, get it.
My only complaints are the lack of markings, but ten again it's only 79 $. A fully marked version is probably going to be more expensive. I would only wait for it
if the engravings are really important to you.




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