WE/RA-Tech H&K M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle open-bolt GBBR

  • Those who knew about the H&K 416 before it became popular are probably familiar with the more recent H&K M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle. It\'s essentially a 416 with a longer barrel, and is intended to replace the M249 SAW as a battlefield light support weapon. This particular airsoft gun is a WE HK416 open-bolt GBBR with RA-Tech upgrades, but since I went to the trouble of extending the inner barrel and outer barrel, the gun is now technically closer to an M27 IAR than a 416.

    Here is the list of upgrades that this gun has:

    • RA-Tech 440mm (17.3\") 6.01 tight bore precision inner barrel
    • RA-Tech steel CNC hammer
    • RA-Tech steel CNC sear
    • RA-Tech steel CNC trigger
    • RA-Tech steel CNC bolt carrier
    • RA Tech steel CNC bolt stop
    • RA-Tech aluminum air nozzle
    • RA-Tech WE Valve Locker
    • RA-Tech WE firing pin base
    • Maple Leaf 75 degree hop up rubber

    Indoor Accuracy Data:

    BB chrono: 495fps w/ 0.20g
    BB weight for test: 0.25g
    Typical 5 shots @ 30\' bi-pod supported: 0.75\" - 1\" shot group

    Accessories in Pictures:

    • A.C.M. 2.5-010x mil-dot scope
    • A.C.M. 3.5x drop-switch magnifier
    • A.C.M. Aimpoint T1 Micro red dot sight
    • A.C.M. high-powered green laser
    • Magpul XTM Enhanced rail panels (OD)
    • Lancer Tactical KAC style bi-pod
    • B.E. Meyers 556 flash hider
    • King Arms Silent Option light weight suppressor
    • Troy 2-point sling
    • Magpul NATO 5.56 mag covers


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