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Showcase cover image for Well MB-01 L96 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

General Information

Well L96A1 Sniper Rifle delivers performance up to 500 fpsmuzzle velocity
This Type 96 Sniper Rifle also sports high end performance parts for greater accuracy and power.Comes with rail system on top and excellent rifle scope for precision targeting!Gorgeously designed.Great craftsmanship. This is an instant classic that you don\'t want to miss. This is a spring gun, which means it\'s powered by a spring and must be cocked for each shot. It\'s fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained; it requires no gas or batteries to operate.Gun is made of metal. Stock is impact resist plastic, the rest of the gun (magazine, barrel, trigger, receiver, scope, scope mounts, bolt and bolt handle), tri rail quick release bi-pod adapter, weaver rail bi-pod are metalThe Type 96 Sniper Rifle combines firepower and comfort and delivers unbelievable performance. Thumb through stock provides comfort and stability.



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