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I\'m 18 and got into airsoft when I was probably 14 or 15 when my friends bought some cheap springers and we had backyard wars (those were the days!). Then my friend and I became the coolest members of our team when we got crosman R71\'s, which were \"SO AMAZING\" because they were fully automatic. Eventually we realized our guns sucked, and I bought a TF16, a discontinued beginner gun. It broke and I got a crosman R76, which was crap in the realm of repairs and reliability but performed okay for a beginner when I could get it to shoot. I joined this forum and gained a lot of experience, at which point I got my M16 and got the upgrades into it. I\'m saving up right now for a tan molle PC and multicam BDUs, plus a G&P M16. I\'m dealing with Hobbyking and Evike right now because of some order problems; trying to get two 7.4 lipos for my M16s from them.

Update: Recently got a deal with a good friend who is getting out of airsoft. He\'s selling me his entire airsoft collection, plus a slightly used KWA M4 for $150! It has about 10,000 rounds through it. Extremely pumped!

Update again: Sold the KWA for waaaayyyyyyy more than I got it for. Now I am Bill Gates. I do not make donations to anyone though.



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