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I\'m 18, been playing shooty-shoot sports since i was 12. Started with paintball, started to detest the community and lack of realism. I started playing airsoft when i was 14, my first gun being a JG M16A2. I\'m a former C/MSgt of the Civil Air Patrol and Corporal in the AJROTC. I was certified SAR-capable, including but not limited to: First Response Trauma Aid, Search and Rescue qualified, B-class Radio Operator qualified, and CPR qualified.

I don\'t run with a team, but i do play with my father a lot. I tend to wear solid OD, and use my ICS M4A1 Block II, with an Elite Force 1911 Tactical sidearm. I take the game seriously, but i know how to have fun. In my opinion, the only thing worse than people who can\'t stay on target are people who are so uptight about winning all the time that they lose focus of having fun in airsoft.

In between jobs at the time of writing, but as a night job, i\'m a video game developer. In my spare time, i do a lot of tabletop gaming, including D&D and X-Wing miniatures,


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