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This is by far the best airsoft gun I (in my limited experience) have ever held, shot, and so forth. It feels like it naturally belongs in your arms, as smooth and comfortable as it is, and with enough TLC, practically becomes another part of you. It is extremely solid and durable (I can do push-ups on this thing with the magazine in, it's THAT solid, not recommended though) It has some very nice power to it right out of the box (the box by the way was probably the second coolest part of the entire package), and with a 510mm tbb, I can consistently hit a man sized target 120-170 feet away. I'm not kidding. Hater will hate, but that doesn't deny the fact that this baby is a freakin' BEAST. It really has the potential to be used as a great AEG sniper. upgrade the FPS (use a little bit of teflon tape around the piston, piston head, and cylinder head), some .28 g's or .30 g's, and put in the above mentioned barrel or longer, and you can really reach out and touch someone. The gears are very strong, and coulp probably withstand a M130 spring, though no guarantees. The piston is polycarbonate, and has a notch cut out in the top for the blow-back system to get caught on when the piston is pulled back and released. It doesn't use THAT much energy from the battery, the resistance spring in the bolt isn't that hard to pull. (and the bolt is SO much fun to rack, I easily do it 20 times a day) The battery is ok, get a 9.6v, because the ROF isn't going to be any better with the cheapo stock crap. All AKs are SUPPOSED to take stick batteries, but I was able to fit a 9.6v nunchuck in there. Took some practice, and it's still not easy, because it would be very easy to scratch the battery up. As for the folding stock, yeah it's got some wobble, it can get annoying after a while, but if your to busy trying to stay 'alive' and running, who cares? The stock honestly feels very solid in spite of that fact, I've even been tempted to test it out a few times while playing )=) The laser engravings on the sides are SEXY. They did a very good job of it, and it looks legit ( the only problem is that they got the caliber size messed up; AK-47 is 7.62X39mm, AK-74 is 5.45X39mm). The magazine isn't all that good, I would recommend a new one. A second might be good, and three mags is overkill. They hold 600 rounds a pop, which is unreal as it is. The iron sights are so-and-so, yeah they are usable, but you might want to consider getting like a red dot or a scope. Your choice. The internals were great, and one thing that's awesome is the wiring. It's low-res silver wire with an automotive fuse installed. This thing could possibly be li-poly ready with only a few minor tweaks. Other than that, it's perfectly fine stock, I have no intention of upgrading the hell outta this thing at all!




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