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Hello, my call-sign is Wrench Man. I am located in Illinois but I airsoft in Iowa since that is wear my field is located at. I have been airsofting for about 6 or 7 years but only a few have I done what I call "Successful Airsofting." I got my first gun about 3 years ago for Christmas and that was a Classic Army M15A4 Sportline M16. Sadly, I do not own the gun right now but I plan on buying it back since I do miss it dearly. Anyways, I have been into PMC loadout's. I mostly play in Woodland but I still use tan in the Fall since everything is dead and looks tan. Events I have under my belt is small but is going to grow. I went to a very successful event in the midwest known as "Red Dawn" that is held every year around my birthday. I'm not going to get into details with that. My primary that I run is a Custom Tactical Dboys RK-05 that I built. I had some help from a friend and he put the RIS on it and the paintjob. I currently run a Cybergun P226 X-five, Although 1911's hold a special spot in my heart. Thank you for reading my bio.





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