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Hey Fellas, I've been part of the forum for awhile but am just getting around to putting up a Player Registry. I go by "SWIFFER" on the field, but X2117 is my online username for everything from Forums to XboxLive. The nickname SWIFFER came from Civil Air Patrol, my last name is Broome and I was liked by my piers at encampment, so they said "What is better than a broom." And thus SWIFFER was born. I have been playing airsoft for a little over a year and use KWA AEGs. I had a fair amount of money when I wanted to get in and a lot of folks said KWA's we're solid guns. I live 15 minutes from a Marine Base where my father works so I generally wear MARPAT, but even if the nearest Marine base was 100 miles away, I still would. I plan to join the USMC when I come of age and I am already on track to go into the Reserves as a Recon Marine.

MY load out.

Base layer: MARPAT OR DMARPAT depending on the area of play.

Plate Carrier: Rather cheap MOLLE Tan plate carrier, but hey it works.

Pouches: 2, Four M16 mag pouches, 1 admin pouch, 1 double pistol mag pouch, 1 Radio pouch, 1 Flash bang pouch, 1 Misc pouch, 1 Hydration Carrier.

Eye Pro: Mesh Goggles or Wiley X Sunglasses.

Head Gear: MARPAT or DMARPAT Boonie hat or MICH HELMET with custom paintjob of call sign or Tan watch cap.

Boots: Standard issue USMC steel toe boots.

Weapon: KWA M4 RIS or KWA SR12 depending on field of play.

Other: Radio with headset/mic, Mechanix Gloves, Barrel bag, 8-10 MID Cap M16 magazines, Shemagh, Thunder B sound grenades, and rubber knife.

As I do not yet own a CRANE stock, this is what I have been doing for my M4RIS



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