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-First Impressions
When I opened up the low quality cardboard box that this came in, i didn't expect much. I didn't get much either, the mp5, which came in parts (the body, butt stock, long barrel, scope, magazine, and laser mount) was all plastic besides maybe the spring that powers the gun. It was light, about 1.6 pounds, the laser, which was supposed to come with it, was absent. The plastic is terrible quality, it feels kind of like strength of 1 layer of the aluminum used in soda cans, but with the durability and weight of a 5 year old's Tonka truck toy.

Looks like an MP5A2 with a full stock to me, but that's only because of the selector switch, The long barrel and scope easily fool anyone from far away that you may have a high quality sniper with you, it looks that good.

It kind of feels like holding 2 bananas, its that light, though its very nice to hold, gives you a false sense of power :D. Honestly i knew this gun wasnt going to last very long.

Its OK, i cant see where the bb's fly, the mag is small, the scope doesn't line up with where it hits, nor do the "plastic" sights.after a few shots at 10 ft, it can dent the can, but you'll get lucky if you hit it.

The scope it came with was horrible, no magnification, full plastic, no crosshair, nothing. The long barrel it came with was OK, but it made a wobbly noise, but you can easily fix it by taping the beginning of it. The laser, didn't come, I'm not sure why, but, it probably wouldn't have worked.

I doubt this could be modded, the rail and scope are all one piece, so no rail. Besides, who would want to mod this?

Overall this is isn't such a good gun, bad aiming, weak, though, it will look very cool with my collection, i wouldn't recommend this, unless you just won 14 dollars in the lottery and cant think of anything else, don't get this, I personally like how it looks, but i love all H&K guns so.

Weak, low quality, plastic, bad aiming, i wouldn't get it if it didn't look so cool, likely not worth the 14 bucks, plus shipping, all in all, mines broken after 16 hours, the long barrel just decided to fall off and take a chuck of the gun with it, fixed it with electrical tape, but, just don't get it for quality, or even a backyard war, just for looks.



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