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General Information

I\'m from MexicoI listen to many kind of music but I specially like Grunge, Jazz and many of the works of Tchaikovsky.

I also love Photography, it\'s one of my many hobbies. I take special interest in the works of Spencer Tunick and Philippe Halsman but I don\'t think there is a photography style that influences my work. It is a trade that I\'m still learning

On other Visual Arts, I like painting and drawing. The later used to be a hobbie when I was in High School but I haven\'t grab a pencil since. Too bad, I guess.

Regarding painting. I really love Impressionism, whatever it\'s an oil painting or Toulouse Ads
beside I kind of admire the way they lived in Paris during this period.

Regarding architecture I love Art Deco and the streamlined architecture, mostly because of the context they describe. I forgot to mention that I\'m also a History Geek

I try to do as many outdoors activities as I can: trekking, camping, Airsoft, you named, I\'ll try it at least once
I guess it\'s to counterbalance my working life. I work behind a computer in a cube 40+ hours a week and I\'m not complaing, I used to do this for free

I\'m sort of a book worm + Computer Nerd / Hacker + Outsdoor person, all wrapped up in a Family Guy package

As the Kurgan says: It\'s Better To Burn out than to fade away!



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