• Used to airsoft with my buddies just about every week back in
    highschool, joined the Army at 17, was active duty for 5 years, did 1
    tour in Iraq and 1 in Africa. My MOS was 91M which for civilian\'s sake,
    is a mechanic. Once I got to Iraq, I got placed onto a QRF(quick
    response fireteam) recovery team and we ended up rolling out with
    infantry for when a vehicle got hit with an IED so we could recover the
    downed vehicles and did that more than actually working on vehicles.

    Came back and all my buddies have long since gotten out of airsoft so trying to find like minded people preferably in my area.

    to get back into the sport. Live in Eastern Washington(Tri-cities to be
    exact). Currently looking for a team, but that has not stopped me from
    airsofting as a lone wolf when I can.

    I prefer crazy firefights,
    but I really enjoy the DM role as I started out years ago as my team\'s
    sniper, this way I can post up and pick people off, or roll out with
    grunts and be a DM.

    If I am indoors or indoor/outdoor, I enjoy
    kicking in doors so to speak. Clearing rooms is a bit of a pass time for
    me as I got to train with infantry, and even got the privilege to train
    the IA\'s (Iraqi Army) on mechanics, shooting and tactics.

    As of right now, my load out is simple, but as time goes on, it will progress.

    My goal is to get to Milsim standards, but always enjoy a good speedsoft or \"backyard\" game.

    My favorite thing about airsoft is the realism, so I enjoy a group who has fun but also has ranks and follows said ranks.


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