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My team is Austintown Airsoft, located in Austintown, Ohio (by Youngstown). We are small, all the leaders have been playing for around 8 to 10 years, the younger members still have a few years on their backs. We have a team armoury for team members only with varying AEG\'s no less than midgrade and various gas and C02 pistols, Oh and currently the Echo 1 Minigun forgot that. I have more experience in outdoor fields but I hold my own in indoor/CQB. I love my KWA M4, I run a foregrip, NEBO gun light, and grenade launcher OR bipod, no tightbore, no silencer, and only one high cap mag, the rest are KWA 120\'s which I wouldn\'t trade for anything. My pistols are KJW full metal M1911 C02, it scares everyone. The HFC M9 full metal full auto GBB, not as powerful, but its full auto.


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