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  1. General Airsoft Discussion
    I've been playing airsoft for a long, long time now and have overall had a great experience. Typically, people are nice and respectful, but not always. Share your worst airsoft experiences below! Whether it's a fight you saw, a rude person you met, or a time where your LiPo blew up, I wanna hear it!
  2. Kansas Airsoft Forum
    Hello, I'm Duncan! Me and a group of friends play airsoft every Saturday from 11am-4pm. There are currently about 8 of us (all over 18 years old) that play on me and my neighbor's land behind our houses. The land size is about 10-12 acres, has trees everywhere, a field, a ridge, and a creek...
  3. Illinois Airsoft Forum
    Hello, I am planning on opening an Airsoft field I was wondering if I were to open a field where would you want it located for example in Chicago What would be at the feild: I was planning to have two fields looking for ideas for the feild I have some in mind but still looking There would...
  4. New York Airsoft Forum
    I live in Lakewood NY by Buffalo. Im looking for decent airsoft fields in western New York. I have seem to have found three: Hunters Creek Airsoft Field, South Wales GRC Paintball Field, Angelica Anderson Acres, Franklinville If any knows more about these fields or know of any more in western NY...
  5. Pennsylvania Airsoft Forum
    I can't seem to find any airsoft fields in western New York or northwestern PA. I would prefer strictly airsoft fields but I guess paintball fields are ok. The only ones that I seem to find are around Pittsburgh which is a three hour drive for me so I'm looking for something a bit closer for me...
1-5 of 5 Results