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  1. General Airsoft Discussion
    About a year into my airsoft career, I bought my first airsoft AK, a CYMA CM.050 AIMS. Since then, I've owned three more airsoft AKs: a Tokyo Marui AKS-47 (or AK-47S according to the packaging), an E&L AKM (which I modded into an East German MPi-KM-72), and just recently, I got an E&L AKS-74U...
  2. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    New, never used. Ordered from evike 2 weeks ago. Comes with everything in original box including 1 mid-cap. Will ship.
    $300 USD
  3. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    PRICE UPDATED WTS/WTT: Brand new, only briefly handled, Cyma AK Beta Spetsnaz AEG. Comes with new, fully-charged battery and short hicap mag. Never been fired except to test. All parts are stock, polymer receiver. $120 shipped to CONUS (add $15 for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.) Live near me...
    $120 USD
  4. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Hey all, new member! I'm looking for a Vss, Val, PP-19, or maybe another eastern guns. Not looking to spend more than 300, but I will for the right deal. I also have for trade a Lancer Tactical M4 in great shape, with mock suppressor, deans connectors, high and mid cap mag. Any questions or...
  5. Electric Guns
    Last week, I got an E&L AKM - the New Essential version - and even though I've yet to use it in combat, my impressions of it thus far are positive. For one, I'm impressed at how much it feels like a real AK. I know the Platinum versions are supposed to be made with higher-quality materials, but...
  6. Electric Guns
    OK, based on some recent discussions, I've been looking into a couple of E&L AKs. In looking into them, I noticed a couple of series: the "Platinum" series and the "New Essential" series. Is there any real difference between these or is it just some marketing crap?
  7. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Hello! I'm trying to build up my CYMA AK105 and I wanted to change out the handguards. I've been seeing handguards from LCT, Asura Dynamics, and 5KU but I'm not sure which brand to purchase from. I was thinking LCT but I'm not sure of the fitment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. General Accessory Discussion
    Among other pellet-shooting machine guns, I've been considering getting an E&L AKM for this project idea I have, and I've read stuff about other brands of AKs and their compatibility with real steel parts, but I was wondering how compatible E&L AKs are with real steel parts such as handguards or...
  9. What Gun Should I Get?
    As if I didn't already have enough pellet-shooting machine guns, I've been thinking about getting an AKS-74U partly because I'm putting together a Soviet tanker uniform and wanted an airsoft gun to accompany it. Problem is, at least a few companies make airsoft versions of this, and I'm not sure...
  10. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    So, as some of you may know, I have a CYMA AIMS (CM.050) that I'm planning on upgrading. Part of this includes a Tienly GT-35000 motor, which I got yesterday and installed today. However, when I installed it, the gun wouldn't fire. I'm DEAD CERTAIN I did everything right, from plugging the...
  11. Electric Guns
    Back in 2016, I bought a CYMA AIMS (CM.050) not only because I wanted to try an AK, but because the Romanian-style vertical foregrip appealed to me. I haven't used it at every game, but it seemed to do all right for the ones I did use it at. However, I've been looking at it again, and I'm...
  12. General Accessory Discussion
    OK, so I watched the opening scene from GoldenEye, and I noticed that a bunch of Soviet soldiers were carrying Type 56 rifles with AK-74-style muzzle brakes and "Bakelite" (they're not actually Bakelite, hence the quotation marks) mags. This got me wondering: do any companies make "Bakelite"...
  13. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Never used and always kept in a box. Would love to keep and get an svd to use it on but money is more of a need at the moment. Asking 120 obo
  14. Wanted
    Looking for an NPO AEG AK-12 A15 that's fully functional, mags are a plus but not required. I understand these are quite rare, so I'm willing to pay good money.
  15. Electric Guns
    Somewhere, I read that real steel AK pistol grips won't fit airsoft AKs because the airsoft pistol grips are longer to accommodate the motor. Is this true?
  16. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Looking to buy a VFC AK. Model doesn’t matter, and internals don’t have to work. I’m using it for the body. DM me with what you have. Payment method will be PayPal (not family and friends) but I’ll make sure to adjust the amount sent so you clear what we discuss in the DMs. I’m located in...
  17. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    I've got a (nearly) completely upgraded KWA R47 "Drifter" package for sale. It'll come with the XL hoodie and patch standard for the package, gun, 11.1v 1450mAh deans battery, four K120 proprietary magazines and the variable FPS tool. Upgrades are as follows: •Lonex compression tune up kit...
  18. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Hi, i got problem . I bought used ak and here i found problem . Last user changed almost every part ( spring and gears stock ) Here i got two problems . So while shooting full auto after maby about 20-30 rounds and it looses power like acumulator was dying ( it isnt , i got 3 and every makes it)...
  19. Wanted
    I'm looking for a KCR. I have only found one used on hopup, but the guy is not responding. Maybe my luck will be better on here. idk. message me if you have one. thanks.
  20. Wanted
    Looking to upgrade an AK of mine with a better body. CYMA, JG, etc. should all be compatible with it. If you also have a metal front sight block that'd be even better!
1-20 of 52 Results