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  1. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Everything you see in the picture is for sale. Umbrella armory mbr Hk mp7 (gg blowback) Krytac lvoa-c G&g arp 556 H&K m27 Glock 19x KLI high cappa H&K 416 a5 Sig mcx virtus A&K sr 25 mist all well over 4,000, but I justdon’t care any more and want to get rid of it. Everything is in working...
    $1,000 USD
  2. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    This is my war chest. I made this to use to train with my US Army Unit. I paid for the whole thing over time so that we could train at any time. Initially when i started I bought all the JG rifles, the RPK and the m249 new. When my contract ended It left with me. Unfortunately I don't need a...
  3. General Airsoft Discussion
    Guys and Gals, Here's the deal. With my new team, Tactical Situation Response Team; we're buying new gear (detailed below), most of which is coming from a U.S. Military / Police / SWAT Gear Provider, who understands our situation (having to buy gear personally rather than agency funded through...
1-3 of 3 Results