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  1. Ohio Airsoft Forum
    This year I want to create a FIRE TEAM CHALLENGE. My idea is to have a series of CQB with 3 person teams each team may have 2 extra backup players. ALL BATTLES TIME 5 MINUTES ALL BATTLES 3 PERSON TEAMS 2 TEAMS BATTLE IT OUT 1 POINT PER KILL TEAM A HAS 1 KILL = 1POINT TEAM B KILLS 2...
  2. Ohio Airsoft Forum
    I have been going to Assault Airsoft Indoor in Massillon Ohio for the past 4 weekends. It is an excellent facility and they have good refs. They keep the games going and try to keep the players honest. I see the problem I myself am guilty of not knowing that I have been hit because of my...
1-2 of 2 Results