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  1. UTG Battery Rail

    One of the stand-out features of the UTG Sport Model 4 lineup was the optional handguard / RIS which had a trap door mechanism designed to allow you to run a truely massive NiMH battery pack. To my knowledge, this was a unique item.
  2. UTG Sport Model 4

    ~2008 UTG Sport Model 4 reconfigured for CQB. This particular one has a 4" tubular handguard with a recessed TM tracer unit that's been modified to hold a UVT 106 2.0 in the front with a open chamber in the back. Currently DSG, all Lonex Maxx etc.
  3. UTG Sport CQB

    ~2009 UTG Sport Model 4 'Combat Commando' reconfigured for CQB. This one has a 4" quad rail from a KWA SR5. Currently DSG, all Lonex Maxx etc.
1-3 of 3 Results