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  1. Clothing / Gear
    NO TRADES shipping can be negotiated. -FMA maritime L/XL, new pads, fma cover, fma helstar, fma l4g24, dtac gear mc counterweight, fma arc adapters, peltor comtac 3s (includes original headband) $400 for all. $300 to part comtacs -crye ac pants with pads 32L $150
  2. Clothing / Gear
    Okay so i have just purchased some Matrix / Element Military Style Tactical Communications Headset Type-C And i put them on then tried to put my helmet on and the fit is way too snug i can't buckle my helmet back with them on , what type of mounts should i...
  3. Clothing / Gear
    I have a pair of Z-Tactical Comtacs and I love them so far. Well, until this issue came up. I can still receive audio from other radios. I've even checked my PTT and tried using other headsets with it, and the PTT comes out OK. So this leaves the mic or some wiring issues inside the comtacs to...
1-3 of 3 Results