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  1. General Airsoft Discussion
    I live in California and I am wondering if any one can help me. Knowing that it isn't easy getting anything overseas can any offer me help. I am looking for reputable websites and customer service. I know a lot of places don't offer refund or reshipment if the item is seized by customs. Thank...
  2. General Airsoft Discussion
    I am looking at buying this gun: The problem is, when I did some research about the gun I ran into a lot of posts about people having their weapons seized before it could be imported into the United States. Why would this be, and would I be safe buying...
  3. General Airsoft Discussion
    I really did not know where to post this question(hope this is the right place). I just ordered my first airsoft pistol from a company called airsoftpandaDOTcom. I new to the world of airsoft and don't really know how things work. My question is ,I ordered a Army R17 from a Hong Kong based...
1-3 of 3 Results