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  1. Clothing / Gear
    Hello everyone, I am professional propmaker, based in Austria, with a focus on airsoft-grade products such as helmets, armor as well as gun-modifications and soon even airsoft guns built from scratch. In this thread I would like to share with you some previous work and love to hear your...
  2. Staging Area
    I was using the Wayback Machine for a project and thought about putting in this forum into it to see how it used to look back when I joined in 2010-2011. To me, it looked so much better than it does now. I only browse this forum on a desktop and have only used the mobile site once or twice...
  3. General Airsoft Discussion
    Hello Airsofters, My names Drew Sloman (also known as MANTIS from UDAT), I'm a third year student at derby university studying BA Product Design. For my final year project I'm going to designing a new airsoft product. If some of you could fill out this free and quick 10 question questionnaire...
1-3 of 3 Results