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  1. Introductions
    Hello guys, im dave a new member here only just found this corner of the internet. Ive been playing airsoft for years and thinking of branching out into hosting events and wondered if anyone could help with a few un answered questions/any advice from experience (things i may have overlooked)...
  2. Michigan Airsoft Forum
    Michigan Airsoft (MiA) is a network of players, teams, hosts, and fields within the state of Michigan. Airsoft players from around the Midwest are encouraged to join our community for a networked and more local community. Webpage: Facebook Group...
  3. Florida Airsoft Forum
    I am the commander of a newly founded team that is trying to make a name for itself, we just formed and I was wondering if there were any airsoft events within an hour's drive of Sarasota
  4. Texas Airsoft Forum
    Does anyone know one of fields in or around El Paso or Las Cruces? My friends and I recently got into airsoft and have been looking for a field nearby
  5. Site Help and Suggestions
    Tired of the same maps and highly restrictive rules? No Man's Land is an adults-only airsoft venue and community that offers exclusive non-mainstream maps with lower entry fees and less rules. Check out the website at and our Facebook page. There's an event N.M.L. is endorsing...
  6. West Virginia Airsoft Forum
    Hello everyone. I wanted to start and new forum with a more "up to date" updates going on in the area. I am somewhat new to the WV area, and to the Airsoft world. I am at that point where I would like to either organize or go to some events near my area. So, with that said... WHAT'S UP?! I...
  7. General Airsoft Discussion
    My boyfriend is really into airsofting and his birthday is coming up. He pretty much already owns all the supplies and guns and uniforms he could ever need or want, so i wanted to see if there was some sort of cool experience i could give him. He already goes to a pretty cool field near us (we...
  8. International
    Hey Everyone! We're hosting a 3 day International game in Hungary. If you are in the neighborhood, come and join in! You'll find all the info here: UNKNOWN ZONE - en:index If you have any questions, shoot me a email or a pm
  9. International
    Airsoft event and meetups in Hungary
  10. Airsoft Images & Video
    I wish I could have taken more photos but I was kinda busy at this event playing "Moira Brown" at Craterside supply. Check the full set here: Flickr: mirvana's stuff tagged with mirvwasteland09 The work that some people put into their costumes/loadouts for this event was impressive, and it...
  11. Florida Airsoft Forum
    Operation Anaconda July 25th Waynes World of Paintball, Ocala FL $35 online pre-registration / $45 onsite registration Uniforms and Units Olive Drab - US Army 173rd Airborne Brigade Tiger Stripe - Detachment A-244, 1st Special Forces Group Woodland - ARVN 1st Airborne Task Force Black - Viet...
  12. Michigan Airsoft Forum
    Im probably going to have my gear by mid july, any events in michigan?
  13. Airsoft Images & Video
    Photos from a milsim event that happened last week at Battlefront Paintball in Hubbard, OH - WHFO2 Enjoy. mirv
1-13 of 13 Results