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  1. Parts and Accessories Classifieds
    Steel receiver for AK74, I don't see any markings for a brand aside from the SN/Star on the left side. Open to offers, shipping will be around $13 for a medium flatrate.
  2. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Jg g36c shoots about 320 comes with 2 hi cap mags that interlock, a foldable stock, an adjustable hop up. It's fully polymer, with an all metal gearbox and upgrade ready, may come with a battery, and has 1 rail system on the front. This was a cq gun for my because of its high rate of fire and...
  3. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    CM Ak47 CM028u DEANS ($100 shipped) & M804A ($65 shipped) The AK is full metal and includes 1 spring loaded hi-cappa magazine and 1 wind up stock magazine. Includes its stock 1100 mah 8.4 volt battery wired to deans along with the gun. Includes charger with tamiya to deans adapter. Clipped 4...
  4. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Bought a few years back, but have since sent it back to KWA for newer internals. Has a polymer body, iron sights, and a foldable stock. Not a gas gun--electrically powered. Gun is in good condition. Original price was around $330. Asking price is $185. Email: [email protected] if...
  5. General Airsoft Discussion
    Recently received an ak47 in the mail. ( I had trouble getting the battery door back on so i had to force the door back on and it worked but on the other hand my stock now wobbles in place and wont...
  6. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Selling some excess inventory from my store. Wanted to post up on here to see if any interest outside of my state. Selling Troy Replica folding sights HK Style 2 sets still available. Very well made replica sights. These sights retail for $35 plus shipping. I am asking $15 a set shipped via USPS...
1-6 of 6 Results