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  1. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Because this gun is new and people are still getting there hands on them, I don't know if the upgrades suggested by evike are appropriate. Hence I am looking for second opinions from the forum. Not to discredit them, just looking for more opinions. The gun is the new p90 with a spring of 400...
  2. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    I was planning to build a all-purpose gun(kinda) and got struck with this question: Does the increase of FPS also means the increase of the hop from the Hop up? Because I am totally changing up springs between indoor and outdoor games (w/ the help of the Quick change spring system) and it will...
  3. Electric Guns
    Hey everyone I was wondering about upgrading fps. I play with my friends in large fields and stuff, no CQB. Now I'm looking for a nice gun and if it has like 330 fps, i would need to upgrade its fps to 380-400. My question is simply, how would i do that? Would i just upgrade the spring or is...
1-3 of 3 Results