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  1. Canada
    Airsoft bundle perfect for beginners, divided into packages Echo 1 SOCOM16 M14 with added sling, mock suppressor, miracle barrel and red dot sight (cr123 battery not included). I have also modified it with a charge indiator in the stock (see pictures). Comes with 2000mah batery and 5 magazines...
  2. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Everything you see pictured is for sale. Feel free to ask any questions. If you and a friend are looking at getting into airsoft this is perfect for y'all. I do prefer to stay local
    $1,000 USD
  3. Gear Classifieds
    British DPM camo 95 size 180/96, $40 Butan camo 2002 size 50-5, $50 2008 DPM Blue/Blue urban camo BDU sizie Large-Regular, $50 Duck hunter camo size Large $30 Russian tank man jacket size Medium, $40 Russian naval waist side jacket fits like US size 38/40, $30 Russian border guard jacket size...
    $30 USD
  4. General Airsoft Discussion
    Hello all. We have been running since Decber 2021 on our YouTube channel. We are aware that YouTube is saturated with people's videos and guides. We like to think what we have produced so far is different and actually entertaining from the feedback. We are just curious to get people's thoughts...
  5. Gear Classifieds
    I am going to try and start making trex arms style plate carriers in the "cool camos" like desert night camo and multicam black or if people are serious about wanting them anything if i can my hands on the material but what are people looking for i have the resources and experience to create...
  6. Clothing / Gear
    Hello Airsofters! I was thinking about getting some new face protection, because at my field, you must have full-face protection, so I though about getting a gas mask, so after a looking throughout the internet, I saw this one, and was wondering what you all though about it...
  7. Clothing / Gear
    Whether that's plate carriers, pouches, or pants. I want your recommendations.
  8. Gear Classifieds
    Hello everyone! I currently have a very large amount of military grade back packs and duffel bags from a family member of mine's store which unfortunately recently closed in southern Minnesota. He owned a shop which sold things relating to camping, airsoft, paintball, hiking, etc. and he sold...
  9. Gear Classifieds
    I would prefer any interest be told to me by text 8644995952. It’s difficult making sales through forums waiting days for responses only for sale to fall through. Will provide photos via text.
  10. Gear Classifieds
    Pics of all items here 1 - Crye MRB v1, Coyote, Large - $70 No inner belt (everyone replaced it with a better belt), comes with the velcro pants belt. Only defect is one section of molle is ripped, its near the front and not really a great place to mount anything. These retail for $150 new...
  11. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    Hey everyone! I'm getting out of the sport and looking to sell all my gear. I'm saving up to get a new gaming computer rig and could use some help! A link with all the images is below. I know there is a different username on the paper, but that is because I originally posted this to Reddit where...
  12. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    I live in Glen Burnie, Maryland and I am selling all my gear. For sale I have a KWA M4 SBR w/red dot sight $150, a M14SOCOM Echo1 w/1-4x variable zoom scope $150, KJ works 1911 $50, and a P226 $50 that I can't remember who its by. Also for sale I have mag pouches for $10 each, wire mess face...
  13. Vendor Deals
    I'm an airsofter who built a business for airsofters. My business is called Mutiny Shop. Our main product is custom patches. We invented a special type of PVC patch that is printed instead of 3D allowing us to not require a minimum order. We specialize in small quantity orders. One patch is $7...
  14. Gear Classifieds
    Ok so I need a multicam vest for my team, it can be a vest or a jpc I can't spend that much money on it
  15. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    $60 FOR THE LOT Thank you to everyone interested in the VSS and ACR, the first person to contact me about them did take them, Good luck! Happy Airsofting! UPDATE: G3 and FiveSeven sold as well, I appreciate everyone that participated, Good luck! -BONEYARD** M24 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle W/ Bipod...
  16. Gear Classifieds
    just as the title says, I have 3 black single rifle taco pouches. $20 plus shipping takes all three of them. text (864) 407-8410 for pictures
  17. Gear Classifieds
    Msg me, worst thing that happens is I say no. Budget of $60-$80. In US Size, I'm a small long pants and small shirt. In russian BDU sizes, I think I'm a 46-48 and 182-188cm. Also interested in chest rigs, harnesses, plate carriers, etc.
  18. Clothing / Gear
    I'm planning on getting a Condor MOPC and needed to get some mag pouches for my mid-caps. I use closed top mag pouches for my CM16 right now, but it feels like it takes too long to open it, take out the mag, place empty mag in, then fire. Would a open top mag pouch set be quicker? Thanks!
  19. Airsoft Guns for Sale
    So I've found myself quite bored with airsoft, therefore I've decided to sell my guns as I could use cash. I have for sale multiple guns and gear that I think would mostly appeal to a starting player. First off a CYMA MP5K Bought it for around 250 before tax at my local store but knowing how...
  20. Gear Classifieds
    I am making paracord bracelets. They are made out of 550 paracord, and woven in the Mad Max style (like the bracelet from the movie). I made them adjustable and in conformity with my wrist, one size fits most. I have some smallish ones, but most fit my wrist perfectly. Will take orders for...
1-20 of 84 Results