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  1. Clothing / Gear
    What gloves do you guys recommend for dexterity and better grip overall? I'm looking for something very thin and not chunky like those hard knuckle gloves out there. I was looking at the 0.5mm mechanix gloves, what do you guys think about them?
  2. Gear Classifieds
    UPDATE 22 SEP 19 All offers are welcome. Remember all prices are negotiable! [URL=]DETAILED PICS: RRV Chest Rig Set: RRV Rhodesian Recon Vest $250 MAP Modular Assault Pack $150 Double M4 Magazine Pouch $20 MBITR $50 Canteen Pouch $25 Canteen Pouch $25 SFLCS Kit...
  3. Beginners Forum
    So i have been playing airsoft for a few months now and I have yet to find a good pair of gloves. I have tried many kinds such as thin cotton winter gloves to bulky leather ones. I have also tried going without gloves and after a day of that, that is not an option. I was wondering if anyone...
1-3 of 3 Results