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  1. Gear Classifieds
    Airsoft goggles have stratches in them but is still visible $10, fair condition
  2. Gear Classifieds
    Xeaegis airsoft airsoft goggles bought off comes with interchangable lenses $20
  3. Gear Classifieds
    Xeaegis airsoft googles from comes with interchangeable clear lens $20
  4. Gear Classifieds
    Price for the ENTIRE lot is $215 TYD otherwise individual prices are listed below. Shipping will be paid by buyer. Thank you for looking! Crossman C02 Cartridges - $15 Almost a brand new pack. Used one to test the airsoft pistol Mechanix Wear Gloves - $40 Both medium and a small pair Never...
  5. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Hi my dad and I go airsofting, and he has trouble finding goggles that will fit his prescription glasses under them, and typically even if he can fit them, his glasses will fog. Are there any company's that will make prescription goggles?
  6. Gear Classifieds
    I have always had problems with fogging before I found out about these tiny micro fans you can attach to your goggles and started using them. They worked so well that I even decided to make some more of them. Most fans are 20x10mm(~0.8x0.4") or 25x10mm (~1x0.4") and powered by AA, 9V, or 18650...
  7. Clothing / Gear
    I am going for a multicam load out and I have this helmet: VALKEN TACTICAL AIRSOFT ATH PJ TACTICAL HELMET, DARK EARTH picked out, I do not know what color goggles to go with it, should I go with OD green, black or tan goggles? This was the type I was looking at for the goggles...
  8. Clothing / Gear
    I can't for the life of me find a goggle band clip anywhere. I've searched Amazon, Airsoftgi, google and a dozen other places and I can't freaking find the simple and minute piece of gear. I need whatever you can give me. The technical name for the goggle band clip thing, a link I can follow to...
  9. Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Never Fielded, still have original package. Looking for $45. Interested in Trades BUYER PAYS SHIPPING
  10. Clothing / Gear
    So when I first got my Revision Desert Locust goggles I wanted to see that they could withstand a 360 fps shot, it did, i shot in total of about 10 bbs? is it still safe to use? Should I change the lenses?
  11. Clothing / Gear
    I use Revision Desert locust goggles, they fog as any other goggles without fans. Is there ways I can "anti-fog" the goggles? I heard of baby shampoo does that work for anyone?
  12. General Airsoft Discussion
    Okay, so I have terrible eye sight. Im very near sighted. That being said, when I play airsoft I run Lancer Tactical Goggles over my Prescription Glasses. When I play, I get no fog in my glasses or goggles, but something just as annoying...Sweat. The sweat comes from my forehead/eyebrows I...
  13. Beginners Forum
    Hi this is a pretty noob question, but that's why I'm posting here ;D. Anyways I was wondering if it were better to have clear goggles over yellow tinted ones for dark gameplay. If anyone knows, please tell me, because it's going to be a deciding factor on my next goggle purchase. Thanks :)
  14. Clothing / Gear
    Hey, does anyone know if Lancer Tactical goggle lenses are interchangeable with Arena's flakjak goggles? I want to get yellow tinted lenses for mine... Any info would be helpful! Thanks!
  15. General Accessory Discussion
    The Revision Desert Locust is the standard goggle from Revision. Revision made this goggle for the war fighter and is not just a modified snow goggle. This goggle is designed to give the user excellent field of view and designed to be more streamlined to be worn with a helmet, along with...
1-15 of 15 Results