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  1. Texas Airsoft Forum
    Hay, New to the DFW Area, and looking for a group to play with at D14 Airsoft. Will be heading down to D14 on Aug 21st and bi-weekly from there. any takers on carpooling or just joining up as a squad?
  2. General Airsoft Discussion
    I currently Live in Victorville, Ca. Will be going to Battle Lab Ontario to play. Currently a solo player which is fine but would like to have a group or someone to hang with at Battle Lab. Don't really check this often if you would like. message me in snap: ojonathano
  3. General Airsoft Discussion
    Hi, I go to VIP airsoft on 32nd and Shea in PHX, AZ and wonder if anyone plays there. If I do get any replies I will think about starting a group. Granted, I’m not always able to play each week, so I’ll probably do a backup leader along with me to “run the show” if I’m absent. Look into it.
  4. North Carolina Airsoft Forum
    Hey guys! im new to this forum so excuse my errors Im 17 and a very experienced player, i have been playing for the past 9 years. i have 2 Polarstar's and extensive gear. I want to get into milsim because i plan on joining the army after college, are there any teams that are accepting players...
  5. Florida Airsoft Forum
    Hello. I am fairly new to airsoft. I have played a good number of games at my local arena, I have a fairly good amount of experience in airsoft, although I would not say I am good enough to be a team leader or anything of the sort. I am looking for a group of airsofters at about my age (16) who...
  6. Wisconsin Airsoft Forum
    Hey there! I just got into airsoft within the last 6 months and I've been having a lot of fun with it. I've been doing open play games at Commando's Paintball up in Green Bay usually once or twice a month, but I've been wanting to do a bit more then just that. Whilst I've had a lot of fun and...
  7. Ohio Airsoft Forum Join the facebook page so we can get a solid head count for interested players! We plan to play locally/ travel to MilSim type events around the Tri-State area for squad play. 21+ preferably 18+ requirement All classes welcome Lets form a...
  8. Florida Airsoft Forum
    Out of all my friends only I play airsoft, I was wondering if anyone else wanted to get in touch and play some. I play majority of the time at Combat City, by the Orlando International Airport it has a bunch of game modes, not to say close combat, if you want to play with me just contact my...
  9. New Mexico Airsoft Forum
    To all unaffiliated players in the New Mexico Area: I am Commander Tcheschelsky of the New Mexico Contingent of Steel Rangers Airsoft. We are currently in the process of recruiting new members to boost our numbers sufficiently to make our quota for Operation Fallen Sky. All interested applicants...
1-9 of 9 Results