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  1. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Hey guys, So I bought the Edge lightweight BBU and Guarder nozzle from LA Capa Customs. Whenever I installed these parts together (lubricated the parts) it seems like the Guarder nozzle is a really tight fit and tends to get stuck/hard to slide when it gets near the reset seating position. Do...
  2. Electric Guns
    I'm upgrading my motor, gears, etc., and was wondering if a Guarder cylinder Enhancement set would work in my KM4?
  3. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Anyone have any experience with them? Are they any good (strong magnets? TPA?). I'm seeing them on ebay for only $30, so it's pretty tempting.
  4. Parts and Accessories Classifieds
    Hey AS, I'm selling my Guarder G17 steel front chassis with SQ coating for Marui/WE. I just bought a full steel set for my WE G17 and realized that I wasn't happy with the tolerances of the front chassis and how it met up with the slide. It's not bad or anything and would actually be beneficial...
  5. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    For my ICS I've purchased two different Guarder springs, one SP120 and one SP130, since I wasn't sure which one would let me near the 450 FPS limit I have in my field. The problem is that neither leave me there. The SP120 gives 415 FPS and the SP130 470 FPS. Talking with the store clerk he told...
  6. Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs
    Hi! I am Sturm and I just signed up. The reason for doing so is that the above problem has been unfixable, and I need as much help as I can get. The pistol is a TM M1911A1 Government that is fully upgraded with Guarder parts. The Guarder chamber piece (Guarder outer barrels generally come in...
1-7 of 7 Results