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  1. Texas Airsoft Forum
    I am going to be hosting an airsoft match either on the 25th or June 1st. It will be in the north part of houston, I will provide the general address below and give the specific address to anyone interested. I'm very excited for the area, because after scoping out some woods I found a nice...
  2. Texas Airsoft Forum
    Hey guys! I am looking to set up an airsoft match, but (obviously) I need players. I live in the northeast area of Houston, but from any area reachable is fine. Almost anyone welcome! The more people the better If anyone wants any information, just PM me. I will answer any questions. (Area...
  3. Texas Airsoft Forum
    Just moved to Houston/Spring area a couple years ago, recently received all my old gear. So with that being said I'm looking for any milsim players that do major events (24hr,48hr,72hr). Also wouldn't mind to find a group that plays every weekend or just friendly help to point me in the right...
  4. Texas Airsoft Forum
    I am looking for anyone to join my airsoft team. I am going to be hosting a lot of wars, so feel free to contact me! [email protected] Or reply to this thread!
1-4 of 4 Results